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Sharing – Our mental health crashed in 2020. Recovery could take years

We would do well to remember this:

And while available data shows escalated emotional suffering in populations around the world, the true mental and emotional fallout from COVID-19 is likely to play out over years — or even decades.

The article below gets into a lot more detail about how different groups have been affected in a variety of ways, but the thing that I found myself nodding along to was this idea. This is not going to go away this Summer. People you know who have struggled, and have anxiety about things opening back up again, or are dealing with grief and depression, or the aftermath of all of the trauma that we’ve borne witness to over the last couple of years, are not going to just be “back to normal” and ready to hit happy hour like nothing happened.

We’re not there. We’re not going to be there for a while. Give those people, and yourself if that describes you, some grace and patience.

Most of all, don’t stigmatize anyone for not being OK for a bit. We’ve all been dealing with different levels of trauma and anxiety, and you likely don’t even know half of how much people around you have been dealing with.

So, just be kind, OK?


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