Sharing – Your pandemic blues have a name: adjustment disorder

This sounds really familiar…

Countless people are wondering if the discomfort they’re experiencing is “normal” or if others are in the same boat.

Not only is the feeling normal given the circumstances. It has a name: adjustment disorder. Clinically speaking, adjustment disorder is a stress response syndrome people experience in light of an identifiable life stressor (loss of a loved one, job, or home due to a natural disaster, etc.). In the absence of a catastrophe, generally around 1% of the population experience it. The COVID-19 crisis has challenged our notions of what to expect from our lives, our routines, and the core institutions in our society. Many of the things we cherish and value now seem more fragile than we imagined.

The number of people experiencing adjustment disorder has likely skyrocketed, with people suffering from heightened anxiety, a depressed mood (often called situational depression), and trouble focusing on work or school.

Check out more of what Dr. Winsberg has to say about adjustment disorder, and ways to help cope with it.

Also, let’s not forget that we are all dealing with A LOT right now, and we are all facing a lot of unknowns. Many people around you may be struggling like this and could use some support, even if it’s just acknowledging that you see them, see their struggle, and care.

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