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Sharing – How I Take Care: Therapist and Mental Wellness Advocate Jor-El Caraballo

This is something I really want to take some time and consider, because I think there is a lot of truth to this.

“Self-care is actually about offering yourself the care that you need. Sometimes that doesn’t always feel good. Sometimes it’s hard and not shiny or pretty.”

It’s easy to think of self-care as something fun or relaxing that we take the time to do, just for ourselves. But, living a healthy life is so much more than that. Yes, we need the activities that fill our cups so that we have the energy to give in other areas of our lives. But, true self-care is also about doing the things that are hard, because they are better for us.

Some of the examples in the article below are spot on. Sometimes we need to give ourselves some a butt-kicking to do something like exercise when we don’t always feel like it. Sometimes, the wall we keep running into can be torn down by having some difficult conversations, and making tough decisions.

How often has someone taken the time to get a massage, or walk in nature, and yet continue to struggle, and feel exhausted by things in their life? All the stress-relieving bubble-baths in the world aren’t going to solve that. They may help you get through each day, but to enact real change, it’s going to take some hard work too. There’s no shame in needing both.

That’s self-care too. Don’t kid yourself.


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