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Sharing – 3 Reasons Therapy Isn’t Always the Answer

Monika makes an important point, traditional therapy might not be the answer to everything.

“Therapy can be an incredibly powerful and effective tool in healing from trauma and managing mental illness. But, it’s not the end-all, be-all — and it may not be the thing that ultimately helps us feel better. Like anything else in life, it’s not black and white. There’s a lot of nuance. Let’s examine that grey area.”

The first reason is one that we’ve talked a lot about here. Therapy can’t be the answer for everyone because it isn’t accessible to everyone.

So if it’s not accessible to everyone, we’d better figure out some other things that might help. She offers some.

Things like peer groups, online communities, mentorship, etc. They might be worth trying. Accessibility is not an issue that is going to be solved tomorrow.

Monika also has two more reasons why it might not be the solution you need, so I suggest you read the whole thing if you’re struggling with finding a therapist to start with or have not progressed with what you have done so far. We are all different. What works for you might look different than other folks.

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