Link – Suicides Don’t Increase During the Holidays, and Why That Matters

This well-known “fact” just isn’t true. In fact, the suicide rate is lowest in December and instead peaks in spring.

Why does this matter?

It matters because while we may feel obligated to call or see Uncle Joe during the holidays, we might not reach out to him when he needs us most — which depending on his situation, could be all year long. We know that lack of connectedness is a risk factor for those who die by suicide — and although the holiday pressure can be tough for people who live with mental illnesses, that connection might be easier to come by.

It’s true, depression is an all-year thing. Don’t make the assumption that by supporting someone during the holidays that they’re in the clear. Check in on the people you love any time.

We all need to be reminded that there are people who care, even if you don’t think they are dealing with depression.

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