Reviews Elsewhere – Tell Me Your Story: How Therapy Works to Awaken, Heal and Set You Free

As always, when I don’t have the time to review books and resources myself, I like to point to others reviews. Here’s one from the PyschCentral website:

As stated clearly in the subtitle, Dr. Pearl has written her book for the everyday person struggling with everyday life. Avoiding the overused “self-help” model, she focuses on the actual process of therapy, divided into logical and palatable steps all driven by the goal of telling your story. While most self-help and even therapy-based books focus on the steps, tips, and tricks to move past fear, denial, doubt, etc., Tell Me Your Story walks the reader through the individual components of a full therapy experience not by overwhelming with theory and statistics, but with candor and through the personal testimony of others. This approach helps create a tangible connection with the reader in a way that straightforward self-help books often struggle to achieve. As someone who has suffered from anxiety, PTSD, grief, depression, and other mental and behavioral issues that pushed me to seek out therapy myself, this book was like being handed a warm blanket to wrap around myself, which is saying something considering the number of self-help and therapy-centered books I read on a regular basis as a book critic and ministry student.

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