Listening Ears

Link – The Generosity of Listening

I know I’ve linked to many thing along this line before, but we do suffer from a serious lack of listening in our society, amidst all of the attempts to get attention on social media, or become famous, we often forget to stop and actually listen to people. And yet…

“Listening can open a door to being heard. When a person feels heard, they feel cared about. They feel less alone. They feel more connected. By creating a climate where others experience your generous attention, they are likely to appreciate you, feel drawn toward you, and come to care about you. If you want to be heard, begin by listening. It’s a powerful practice to give to others what we’d like to receive from them.”

People often ask how they can “help” survivors, or someone they love dealing with depression. Try this. Just listen. Nothing more, nothing less.

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