Parents Criticised over son’s CSA “Buy-Off” by perp

As survivors, the reaction of parents when the child discloses can vary. This is the first case we have seen where the parents have demanded money from a confirmed offender with only a condition of leaving the area rather than a formal report to police. The money was then used as a deposit on a house.

This payout effectively influenced the sentencing of the criminal who was only arrested upon the child’s public disclosure four years after the abuse started, when he was still suffering two years later and told school staff. As events transpired, the GBP 18,000 pay-off was also in lieu of the offender, a teacher, serving any prison time as the judge talked in terms of the child’s parents already “having fined” the offender.

The story was reported on the BBC here with a link to the BBC Radio Five Live radio show where Peter Saunders of NAPAC strongly expressed his disbelief at the parents’ reaction. If you’re a UK resident then you can stream the complete Gabby Logan Show in question from the BBC iPlayer website until 2pm on 23rd March (move the playback slider to the 38-minute mark to hear the full segment with the presenter’s introduction. The edited clip featuring only Mr Saunders will be live to UK listeners for longer than a week).


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  1. Funny, everybody trashes the parents for their reaction but the courts gave him probation and told him not to mess with children again. Anybody really dumb enough to believe he’ll listen?

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