Reviews Elsewhere – The Monster That Ate My Mommy

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As sometimes happens on social media, this review by Jennifer Gilmour randomly came to my attention a few days ago, and since I know some of my readers are always interested in reading the stories of other survivors, I thought I would share it with you.

The book is by Jessica Aitken-Hall and from Jennifer’s review it sounds like quite the look at child abuse, domestic violence and healing:

Mothers are supposed to love their children unconditionally, but what if they can’t? “Your own mother doesn’t love you—what makes you think anyone else will?” These words haunted the author and affected every decision she made. If she wasn’t good enough for her mother’s love, what was she worthy of? In The Monster That Ate My Mommy, Jessica Aiken-Hall takes the reader on her quest to find love and uncover the root of her suffering. In this courageous memoir, we learn the importance of love and belonging, and the price paid when it’s out of reach.

If you’ve read it, or another survivor memoir you’d like to share with folks, let’s hear about it!

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