Paedophiles murder grown-up victim before double suicide

The Daily Mail reported the findings of an inquest today into the death of Derick Tempest, 30, who had been abused at 13 by two men. He disclosed to friends and his partner but never reported his own case to police nor his suspicions about whether two further teenagers he saw in his attackers’ company were also being abused.

Instead the inquest heard that Tempest was initially paid just under GBP 2000 by Jim Hall and Andrew Ventham, but when more money was demanded, there was sufficient forensic evidence to show Tempest had been killed by the two men following a threat. The two men committed suicide just before the discovery of  Tempest’s body in a river five days after his disappearance which was weighed down with a drum.

The saddest element of the whole story is the lack of disclosure or oversight regarding the three other kids seen in the company of these offenders, plus the fact that further disclosures are now only happening after the deaths of Hall and Ventham. In our view, handing a historical abuse case to the authorities, whatever outcome, is better than attempted revenge. As seen from this case direct action could have tragic consequences.

The story is here and if you have been abused in a similar way, google “Sapphire” for your nearest UK police child abuse team and call them.


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