Sharing – When I Realized Child-on-Child Sexual Abuse Is Still ‘Real’ Abuse

I do wonder how often this happens, and how much the statistics on childhood sexual abuse miss this sort of thing. As Mariel shares:

I was sexually abused by another child and I didn’t even accept that it was abuse. If this is your experience, too, you’re not alone and your story is valid.

I was victimized by an older child myself, and I wasn’t clear on it being sexual abuse until my 20s as well, because it wasn’t what I saw on TV about sexual abuse. That was a creepy guy at the playground, or at a baseball game, especially with a van.

My abuser wasn’t that, he was a minor as well. Does that make my abuse “not as bad”? I don’t think so. I don’t think it matters who abused you. Abuse is abuse, and if you were abused by another child, a woman, a parent, a stranger, etc. the only thing that matters is that you had no choice in the matter. You were forced to do something no child should be forced to do.

That’s sexual abuse. Full stop.

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