Survivors In New Zealand?

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Received an email earlier today and wanted to pass it along for any survivors in New Zealand who might be interested in helping out.

My name is Marilyn Kelly and I am putting filming a documentary in 2012 looking at the very high rate of child abuse in New Zealand.

I want to dispel the myth that it is a ‘cultural’ thing and share peoples stories to help bring about understand and change, so we can stop our children being hurt and killed.

I want to talk to survivors, people who have lost a child through child abuse, or had a child abused as well as people who have been abusers and the support people trying to make a difference.

There will be no judgement and the first conversation will be off camera and you do not need to commit to being in the documentary upfront.

If you know someone who might be interested please pass on

For more information please email me ourchildren.doco AT

Please provide the following information



Contact Details:


Victim, Survivor, former abuser or family member

Thank you for your time.

Marilyn Kelly

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