Link – This is why you should tell young children about child abuse, say sisters who suffered for years

Anna, now 14, said she believes the abuse started when she was around three.

She said: “I didn’t see that what I was going through was bad or abnormal. I remember seeing posters about sexual abuse when I was much older and they had phone numbers on them.

“I didn’t think for one minute that I would ever call them – I thought it was something different.

“I realised it was wrong when I was about 12 and we had sex education at school. I wrote a letter and posted it to my grandad. He said ‘I got your letter – it won’t happen any more.’ By then it had already started happening to my little sisters.

“I used to go to his house even when I didn’t want to go if I knew Lily and Ava were going. I felt I needed to be there to protect them and I used to try to keep them with me.

“Some form of sex education starts when children are about nine or 10 but that is far too late.”

Wow. Yes, sexual abuse can and does happen to children at a very young age, long before they are aware that it’s “wrong”. Maybe we should make sure they know it’s wrong before then.

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