Link – Depression – I Can’t Enjoy the Good Things

I love good things theoretically, but with depression, I can’t enjoy the good things. Most people don’t get this. Most people can’t conceptualize of this. But even when good (recently great) life events occur, I just don’t feel pleasure (Depression Is Not Sadness). I can’t enjoy the good things when I’m depressed.

This is truly one of the things many people misunderstand about depression. Feeling sad when something sad happens, is normal. That’s not depression. When that happens, you grieve, you move on, and you then focus on the future and the good things in your life. Telling someone with depression to look forward to good things is a good way to completely minimize what they are dealing with, because often even those “good” things bring no pleasure.

That’s not a normal reaction, and why it’s such an insidious disease. It’s hard to feel like there’s hope when you don’t actually enjoy anything.

But, it’s a lie. There is hope, and you can eventually enjoy life again.

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