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After spending 18 days with some amazing staff and doctors, I could feel happiness and hope again.

I wrote this about four months after I left crisis unit. At that point I was just happy to be able to go the grocery store, socialize and enjoy the little things again. I was not only functioning though. I thought I was excelling. I felt and—still feel—extremely blessed. For the first time in forever I began to write, paint and had even got myself a role and once again could be under the bright lights of the theatre stage. While the rest of my time than was spent volunteering with NAMI and trying to openly talk about my illness in the hopes of helping someone else.

These stories are so important. If you’re out there feeling like you will never get better, life will never be enjoyable, and that this struggle will be your whole life, that’s not the truth. You can get better, you can find moments of joy, you can achieve your goals. Maybe not tomorrow, maybe not the next day, but eventually, you can.

Don’t give up.

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