Link – If child abuse were a disease, we’d see urgent action. Our culture must change

“Frankly, whichever figure we go with, if this was a communicable disease such as measles or rubella, mass inoculations and huge public health campaigns would be the order of the day. But it’s not – it’s the rape and violation of children, so silence and turning away, wholly or partially, are the responses.”

Unfortunately, this is absolutely true. We don’t want to think about children being abused, so we don’t. There are no photos of children looking miserably sick in a hospital or injured in the back of an ambulance that will get everyone’s attention and go viral on social media. There are just millions of people growing up with all sorts of mental health problems, addiction problems, relationship problems, and on and on as a result of the abuse they suffered as a child. I guess that doesn’t warrant the same level of attention, right?


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