Link – How Work Contributes Positively to People Living with Depression

This is the other side of that work vs. mental health equation that I’m often going on about.

“Living with Depression does not mean someone can’t work.  Often work can be a great help to stabilising symptoms and improving the heath  of  people living with Depression.”

Yes, work can be stressful. The environment and the long hours can be bad for our mental health. At the same time though, simply not working is not an answer.

One, there are obvious financial issues. Not working means not earning a paycheck means additional stress and anxiety. But, even putting that aside, sometimes it’s going to work that keeps us connected to the world.

We see people in the suicide prevention and depression research areas talk about the importance of connections. Loneliness is a huge contributing factor for many people, and what could possibly be more lonely than to not be at work when everyone else is?

Go on and read the rest of the article, it’s got some good tips on finding that balance between needing time away, and also returning to work and how it can benefit us.

Also, if you’re an employer wanted to create a supportive workplace, check it out and keep in mind that everyone is different. There may not be one “right” way to approach mental health among your staff, so maybe some flexibility could be helpful if you can create that.

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