Sharing – Music Is Just as Powerful at Improving Mental Health as Exercise, Review Suggests

I have noticed that playing music around our house definitely raises my spirits in a similar way as exercise, so it’s nice to know that researchers are looking into some other options for helping our mental health above and beyond “get more exercise”.

What I like more though, is a research article that contains this common-sense reminder about how we are all different:

“At the same time, the researchers point out that there was substantial variation between individuals in the studies regarding how well the various musical interventions worked – even if the overall picture was a positive one. This isn’t necessarily something that’s going to work for everyone.”

Yes, exercise might work for you. Music might work for you, eating better might work for you. One combination of these things might work for you, and all of them are good in other ways.

They might also not help you at all. You are unique. The people in your life are unique. What works for each of us might be different. That’s OK. Stop trying to convince yourself, or anyone else, that there is one way to treat mental health issues. That’s simply not true.


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