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Link – How Victims are groomed by Abusive Predators

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While I usually focus on children being abused I’m not blind to the fact that many adults are as well, and I’m also informed enough to know that some of the same tactics that work to groom children and their families, work on adults too.

“People who recover from abusive relationships of any type, including cult situations, domestic violence, sex trafficking, and even “run of the mill” types of abusive relationships often ask themselves the question, “How did I let this happen to me?”

There are a few common reasons people stay in abusive relationships, but the primary reason they get caught up in one in the first place is one reason:  Grooming.”

Sharie goes on to discuss what to look for, which could be of great benefit to anyone, of any age.

How Victims are groomed by Abusive Predators

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