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Link – How to Tell Friends and Love Interests About Mental Illness

I enjoyed listening to this recent episode, because I think for many of us this is something we wonder about, and also something that has no easy, “right”, answer. Gabe and Michelle talk a lot about experiences they’ve had, and how to explain what you need and how they can help.

I also, really appreciate this exchange as well:

Gabe: [00:18:06] So on top of being sick I’m now the appointed spokesperson for whatever illness I have because I have to teach the people all around me about my own illness like they couldn’t just know why couldn’t I get the hiccups. People already the hiccups. I got to be like I have the hiccups. People again understand. But no, I’ve got to pick an illness that when I tell them that I have the illness they’re like what’s that and then I have to teach them that sucks.

Michelle: [00:18:28] Yeah.

Gabe: [00:18:29] But yeah it does suck but that’s where we are right now.

Michelle: [00:18:33] That’s why more and more people need to talk about it so everyone can understand what mental illness really is and what it entails.

Yeah, we already know how widespread mental health issues are, yet it’s still an area that people know almost nothing about, because it’s one thing to have a celebrity suggest it’s OK to need help with you mental health, but it’s quite another to actually be involved with someone who is struggling with their mental health. That’s what it takes to really learn about their illness.

We’re not there yet. Someone has to tell people.

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