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Link – How to Feel Safe in the World After Abuse

I liked what Arien has to say in this video, because this is one of the largest hurdles survivors run in to when it comes to healing from abuse, putting it in the proper perspective.

“Abuse strips us of the ability to feel safe in this world. We were shown the darkest sides of humanity, often at the hands of someone that we trusted. They told us, through their actions, that the world is not often a kind place.

This is the toughest part of surviving abuse. To have our view of the world be marked with the constant thought of “I’m not safe here.” And, when we’re constantly on edge, we can’t truly and fully heal from the trauma we faced.

So, how do you start to see the world as a safer place once again? How do you reclaim comfort and trust? “

Arien gives a number of suggestions, but the one I really identified with was around the idea of giving yourself credit for what you’ve already survived. Yes, the world isn’t completely safe all of the time. Bad things may happen to you again. When you try and step out and do things, they may not always go the way you want, and you might even end up failing, or being embarrassed. So what, you’ve already survived child abuse, you’ll survive that too! You’re much stronger than you give yourself credit for.

Take a look at the rest of Arien’s video, and tell us what you do to feel safer as you heal.

How to Feel Safe in the World After Abuse

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