Sitting Alone

Sharing – Mental Health Over Matter: An Interview with Noah Chenevert

The interview is interesting, and Noah’s book might be helpful for some of you, but what I really wanted to highlight is Noah’s last quote:

“Focus on what works for you. Many people out there try to convince you that their way is “the magic solution.” But there is no uniform fix. What works for me might not work for you. And what works for me now might not work for me in a few years. We each must find our own way.”

We spend so much time shouting from the rooftops when we find something that works, telling anyone and everyone that they NEED to do the same thing. That impulse is understandable. What we leave out, however, are all the things we tried that didn’t work or when the thing that worked for us 2-3 years ago has stopped working.

It would help if we did that more often to remind people that we are not alone but not all the same.

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