Link – Depression is NOT Sadness

“As someone who has been through a major depressive episode, I can assure you that depression is nothing like sadness.  Sadness is a normal emotion that people feel at times.  Sadness comes and sadness goes.  At times, sadness is the least of the feelings or emotions that someone in a depressive state may be experiencing.  In fact, I believe that one small part of the lack of understanding is the way people overuse the word “depression”.  People use it synonymously with the word “Sad”.  How many times have you heard someone say, “This weather is depressing?” or “I missed the show, I’m so depressed”.  This significantly diminishes the severity and debilitating nature of depression.  Would we ever describe the weather as “Cancerous”?”

A legitimate question. There is a wide gulf between feeling sad, and suffering from depression, despite how casually people throw the word around. It’s like having the common cold and describing your condition as “having the plague”. A cold is irritating, annoying, and can make you feel fairly miserable for a few days. The plague is a much more serious problem that requires medical attention.

See the difference? That’s sadness and depression.

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