Link – Pray, Then Move.

So yes: those of us that are hurting want you to pray for us. Pray for your family member who’s depressed. Pray for your fellow church member whose anxiety has kept then from attending in weeks. Pray for the person who you’ve heard is battling an addiction or a manic episode or any other thing.

And then offer to drive them to a counselor.

Pray, and then move.

When I was in the worst of my struggles, I appreciated the people who said they were praying for me, that was nice. I appreciated more the people who prayed for me, and then sat with me, or brought me lunch, or offered to drive me where I needed to be.

If someone around you is struggling with mental health issues, or healing from child abuse, or anything else, by all means pray for them, think good thoughts for them, or anything else. But also do what you can for them, even if it’s something small. You’re not there to cure them, you’re there to do what you can to support them.

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