Link – 5 Steps to Getting the Support You Need and Deserve

“A mental health condition has nothing to do with what kind of person you are. It doesn’t mean you overreact to things, that you’re “just” feeling down, that you’re incompetent, that you’re weak, or that you’re “crazy.” Just as people who struggle with a physical health issue need and deserve support, people with a mental health issue need and deserve the same.”

This article not only talks about the importance of having a support network, but also has some practical things you can do to create one.

Perhaps just as importantly, it also takes a realistic approach, recognizing that some people are going to be more supportive than others. That’s true, but don’t let it stop you. Lots of people are uncomfortable with mental health issues. Unfortunately, that is likely because too many people around them have been afraid to talk about it so they have no experience with it.

The more we all can talk, the better we’ll all be.

5 Steps to Getting the Support You Need and Deserve

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