Link – Trade The Lies of Mental Illness for Real Love from Family

“So, this year, if you make one resolution, stop looking into that lying mirror. Instead, start looking into the eyes of the people who love you. When you’re reeling, when you want to give into the dark, talk to your people about your mental health struggles. Ask them if your deepest fears are grounded in truth. Ask them what they see when they look at you. Ask them to help you fight back this darkness.

Your family has a stake in you loving yourself. Their love is real; that lying mirror is not. Deep, true, rooted love is the only way back from your nightmares. True self-love is the only way back to sanity.”

However you define your “family”, and I know that many survivors the people who love them and their natural family are different groups, be sure to talk to them about your struggles. I know from my own experience with depression how much it lies and warps your perception of yourself. It’s important to get out of your own head when your head is lying to you!

Trade The Lies of Mental Illness for Real Love from Family

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