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Link – 12 Motivations Victims of Abuse Might Have for NOT Telling Their Story

Wade does a nice job of laying out some of the reasons a victim might not come forward and tell someone about their abuse, adult or child.

I bring this to light for two reasons – one, we shouldn’t ever really look at adults who claim to have been abused as children and demand to know why they are just talking about it now. These are just a few of the many possible explanations for that.

Secondly, we should also understand that there are many, many survivors out there who just aren’t in a place where they are ready to tell their stories yet. That doesn’t make them any less of a survivor, and it doesn’t make them any stronger or weaker, just different. That’s why, as I’ve said many times, that it’s important to share the stories of people who can tell their stories, so that those who cannot, are not left alone.

Were any of this reasons applicable to you?

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