Caretaker gets 12 years for slandering boss using child abuse images

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In a real-life plot with tenuous links to the CSI NY Episode “Rush To Judgement”, Neil Weiner, a caretaker working at an East London school, was convicted last month and sentenced to 12 years in prison today after framing his boss by hacking his laptop to plant child porn on the hard drive.

Following the hack, Weiner also posted a faked CD-R of child abuse images to police pretending they came from the same laptop. Finally, he contacted the local news media to breach the anonymity of the accused while police carried out their investigation. The main aim of the plot was to steal his boss’s job after assuming he would have been fired.

Despite the boss, Eddie Thompson, figuring out the plot and protesting his innocence he had to wait eight months for police to drop the case. During this time he was suspended. The following year, police traced the mobile phone call to the local newspaper to Weiner and he was arrested. During this time Thompson and his wife received threats in the street and at home due to the leak and he was nearly fired from the school, with colleagues treating him with suspicion.

After trying to brand someone else as a paedophile, Weiner is now regarded as a de facto sex offender himself due to his downloading of child abuse images and will remain and on the sex offenders’ register for life. After trying to take a short-cut to promotion, he will never work in a school again.

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