Link – The Most Powerful Question You Will Ever Be Asked

I remember when my therapist asked me this question after we had reached a point where she knew I wasn’t a risk to myself, and had stabilized enough to start looking forward. It was a huge turning point in my mental health…

There is one question though, that I ask clients early and often. It’s a question that is pervasive in my sessions and becomes part of my regular conversations with my clients. I will ask a client within the first twenty minutes of the first session, “What do you want?”

What do you want? On the surface it sounds a little superficial and somewhat base. Go deeper than that. What do you really want?

Growing up as an abused child, I didn’t learn how to seek out what I wanted, I learned how to survive what was being thrown at me. That’s not a great way to try and navigate adult life. Working to figure out what I wanted, and how to seek it, was a huge gift to me. I still remind myself of her words when I start to struggle with decisions or doing something new. “It’s your life, what do you want?”

It was honestly the first time I really took that to heart, and it changed the world for me.

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