Sharing – Opinion: Suicide prevention recording warnings are a bad idea

On the one hand, this is true, if you’re recording calls, you really don’t know where someone may be calling from so you have to do this.

“The response I received explained that many Lifeline call centers already record the calls. Since our calls are routed, they’re directed to a call center based on area code. For example, if someone is standing in California with a phone number starting with 609, their call will be sent to a New Jersey Lifeline call center. The notification prompt was added to comply with differing state wiretapping laws.”

The larger question, the one that I have as well, is why are these calls being recorded? How many people are hanging up when they realize their call is being recorded, and is the benefit of doing so outweigh that?

I’d like to know. I’m sure many others would as well.

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