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Link – Dad Whose 8-Year-Old Spoke To A Stranger Online For 6 Months Shares The Lesson He Learned

The scary part is, this guy did way more than I’ve seen a lot of parents do when it comes to their kids devices. He limited her access to anything but kids games, he watched his internet router for suspicious activities. He just didn’t actually pay attention to what she was doing in the kids game, and who was interacting with her.

“Cherrington said he now takes a different approach to protecting his daughter online – one which proactively involves her. He would advise other parents to talk to their children about online safety and teach them how important it is to tell their parents about anyone who tries to communicate with them.

“It’s very, very important to engage – you have got to talk to your children – it’s something you can’t pay lip service to,” he said.”

If you hand your kids a tablet, with some online kids games, and assume you can ignore the rest, you’re not doing enough. You need to understand the games they play, the apps they use, and who they can communicate with and have some frank discussions with them about people who may try to interact with them.

That’s the world we live in online. Don’t let your kids wander into it without guidance.

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