Sharing – Why cat lawyer and other funny videos help during COVID-19

Because when we don’t take a minute to laugh at something, it’s not good for us.

“While under stress, our bodies ramp up production of hormones that help us respond. But it’s helpful to give the body a reminder to not constantly hold onto a chronic stress response, Carter said.

A funny or silly video is a reminder that even things that seem stressful — a mistake in an important meeting — can turn out OK.

“We can’t pay attention to everything all at the same time all at the same level of focus,” she said. “Laughing or engaging in other activities that are pleasurable help actually give the body a feedback system that it’s OK to relax and it’s OK to recover.””

As the article says, right now for many of us, there’s a lot of sucky stuff going on. There’s been a lot of sucky stuff going on for a long time. We need something to laugh at. We need something to smile about. We need to know that we can enjoy one moment of life and be ourselves again.

So watch more silly videos. Make more stupid jokes. It helps.

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