Sharing – We’re Increasingly Disconnected and That Has Consequences

The article below talks about many of the same things I’ve written about before, including some of the same studies. Things like the fact that our social connections were already declining before the pandemic:

When we were suddenly thrust into isolation in 2020, social ties were already fraying. The book Bowling Alone came out 2 decades earlier. Author Robert D. Putnam lamented the decline in “social capital,” the value we get from connections and our sense of community support. The Atlantic ran a story called “Why You Never See Your Friends Anymore” months before any of us heard of COVID-19.

The rest of the article talks about the detrimental impacts of less connection to the people in our lives, our communities, etc., and some ways to help build those back. Things like reaching out, doing more than doom, scrolling your social media feeds, leaving thoughtful comments, interacting with your friends and family, etc.

It’s worth a read. Connectivity is an essential part of maintaining our physical and mental health.


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