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Link – Are You Telling Yourself Stories That Are Keeping You Stuck?

While the article itself never mentions abuse survivors, I do find a lot of truth in it for us. We learned certain stories as children, that we have a hard time letting go of in adulthood, and they do limit us. Things like “I can’t trust anyone”, “I’m not worth loving”, etc. And then we look for anything that even hints at “prove” of those stories. So this quote really rang true:

“If you look for the evidence that a limiting story is true, you’ll always find it.”

If you are constantly looking for reasons not to trust anyone, eventually they’ll make a mistake or let you down in some small way, and that’ll be it. If you view yourself as unlovable, you’ll find every fault as proof. And so on, and so on.

It’s important to move past those stories. Maybe this article can help you do that a little bit.

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