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Sharing – Creating A Safe Space So People Can Open Up

This is a good description of what we mean by creating a safe space for the people in our lives:

“Simply put, a safe space is a space where people know it’s ok to share their struggles, should they want to. “

What you should be asking yourself is whether you are a safe space. Are you someone others can feel comfortable talking to about their mental health?

This is important, as the author points out. It might even be especially important for men. As a middle-aged man myself, I have to question how many of us have someone who would be a safe space for us. I know mine, but I also know that is uncommon. Many men don’t have one.

They have friends, sure. The guys they watch the game with, have a beer with, etc. But can they share their anxiety?

Guys, we must do better for ourselves and everyone in our lives who needs a safe space. We know there are millions upon millions of people struggling. Do you want the ones you care about to do so alone?

I don’t.

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