Link – Disclosing My Mental Illness: Every Situation is Different

I think this is good advice for mental health issues, or disclosing past child abuse. Think about when and where you want that information out there.

“The experiences I’ve had over the past several years make me really think about where and when disclosing my mental illness is helpful. My comfort level changes with each situation. Always keep in mind that your illness is your business and it is your decision when and where you disclose your diagnosis, or even if you want to disclose it at all. Always stay safe and only do what you are comfortable with when it comes to disclosing a mental illness diagnosis.”

You don’t have to make huge public declarations if you’re not comfortable doing that yet. You can tell one or two people you trust, or you can not tell anyone at all until you’re ready. They are all valid choices for now.

For those of you who can speak out though, remember that you are speaking for yourself, but also too many who are not capable of it yet, who need to hear from you.


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