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Sharing – Most Americans think there is stigma associated with mental illness

The headline is just one of many interesting finding in this poll. Personally, what I find interesting is that 73% of respondents know someone with a diagnosed mental health disorder, yet less than 50% are very comfortable talking to their friends about mental health, and the number of people who feel like they know a lot about Anxiety, Depression and PTSD is also much lower than that 73%. (They don’t even list numbers for things like bi-polar or schizophrenia, so I’d hate to see how low those are.)

This seems like an interesting gap. Yes, we know people who have been diagnosed, even 58% say someone in their own family has been diagnosed, yet we still don’t really talk about, or educate ourselves about, it.

That’s an issue. That’s why stigma still exists. We seem to recognize that it still exists and yet, we seem incapable of caring that much. Why?

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