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Sharing – ’Tis is the Season to be Jolly — Unless You Suffer from Mental Illness. Then, Not So Much.

I think Randy probably speaks for quite a few folks dealing with mental health issues.

Just don’t expect us to act like the holidays are easy. Because they aren’t. And I suspect that there are 83 million other people who agree.

Here’s what I’d really like to see. Just let people do whatever they want, and are comfortable with, for the holidays. If you have a big family and can all get together and celebrate the holidays, great for you. If you don’t or you have a family you don’t want to spend time with, do something else, and no matter what anyone else does for the holidays, just let them go do it. No pity. No shame, just acceptance that the holidays look different for a whole lot of people.

We can’t all have Hallmark movie holidays. And that’s OK too.We can be thankful for quiet time alone too.

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