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Link – It took decades after leaving care to get the mental health help I needed

Jolene’s story of healing is a good one, but her biggest point is this –

“Every child in care needs access to a range of specialist support. Meeting emotional and mental health needs must be a priority as soon as children enter the care system – and for as long as support is needed.

After leaving care we still have to cope with the family situations and relationships that put us there in the first place. Failing to address mental health problems will perpetuate the cycle of generations of broken families and children going into care.

Young people can overcome adversity but they need help and positive mental health to succeed in life.”

I’m reminded of abuse survivors when I read her story. Yes, years later she got help and has managed to overcome much of what she lived through, but how many years were spent struggling that could have been avoided if help were available at a young age? If you know a child who’s survived trauma, the sooner that they can get access to help, the better.

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