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Link – Growing Up With an Abusive Parent: Borderline Personality Disorder

This is so very true, and such a struggle for those of us who grew up constantly being criticized, belittled, and abused.

“In this case, the words that hurt, the words of abuse, are constant reminders of what others thought of us. Absent of any positive reinforcement, these words may have become hardwired within us.

I hear these words every time I fall a little short or make a mistake. And for me, it’s never a little mistake. Whatever I’ve done — it’s a catastrophic failure on my part proving I’m unworthy of self-respect.

Eventually, most of us find a therapist or a book that sets us straight — we are not failures, we are not ugly and we are worthy of being loved and respected.”

Please be careful of the words you use toward kids, and adults for that matter. Most of us are already hard enough on ourselves, we don’t need any help from you.

Why I Still Carry the Words of My Abusive Father as Someone With Borderline Personality Disorder

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