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Link – How Seeking Mental Health Care Has Changed

Laura has an important message about mental health issues and the internet:

“We may assume the extra convenience of being able to find endless information online and connect with others anywhere, anytime would only bring positive change. But it’s important to recognize some of the pitfalls that have come with the digital age and ensure people know how to seek help in this new climate. Despite what the Internet tells you, how many self-care apps you have or what your social media following suggests—there isn’t any replacement for professional mental health treatment.”

Now, clearly, I’m an advocate of using social media to connect with others for support, and I’m even willing to accept that some apps might also be helpful in terms of being mindful or other reminders to take care of ourselves. But, Laura is right. None of that is treatment. It should be a supplement to treatment, and you should only use them if they work for you. If you find social media too much, don’t do it. If you want to use it and only follow 5 accounts that you feel supported by, great.

It’s all about what helps and supplements your care, but it is not care unto itself. That’s not how this works.


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