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Reviews Elsewhere – Simply Human: Reflections on the Life We Share

Claire Nana has a review of a book by Alan Bodnar, PhD that sounds pretty interesting.

Bodnar writes, “The people I write about are our friends, neighbors, relatives, the wealthy and the poor, some who have achieved and lost much, and others who have never had a chance.”

He goes on to say, “Everything we experience in life is an opportunity and a challenge to develop empathy, to realize that we are more alike than different, and to draw closer together.”

What people who struggle with mental illness offer — if we can listen — is a simple message: we are all heroes together, just everyday people trying to cope with our misfortunes and struggling to live the best lives we can.

What he has to say is something that I think we struggle to keep in mind, that people struggling with mental health issues are one, everywhere, and two, not really any different than the rest of us. It’s too easy, and too common, that we forget that we are all human, and even though we are all individuals, we all have that in common. Even addicts, and people struggling with mental health issues.

I hope Dr. Bodnar’s book can help spread that message. Check out the whole review, and if you’ve read the book, let us know what you think about it and whether you’d recommend it.


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