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Sharing – Our prescription for mental health

I don’t really have much to say about this myself, but I wanted to share the newsletter below. As the intro explains this is the result of a lot of conversation and expertise:

For this behavioral health issue of Second Opinion, I teamed up with Dr. Ben Robbins at GV, an investor and psychiatrist. As a clinical expert who’s funded a variety of companies in the space (Headway, Brightline, Quartet and more), Ben is super knowledgable on the state of play in behavioral health today. We also talked to a range of experts including founders, clinical psychologists and patients to get a richer array of perspectives.


Here’s a summary of what we learned and some theses we’ve developed. And as always, we welcome your perspectives and thoughts.

There’s a lot to digest, so make some time. If you want to learn more about mental health treatment, digital tools, and where we are lacking when it comes to mental health treatment, you’ll learn a lot. Hopefully, you’ll also understand just how much needs to change in order to meet the mental health needs of so many.

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