Is Music Helping You Get Through?

I’ve seen a few references over the years to the therapeutic virtues of listening to music, and in my own life, there is definitely a connection between my mood and the music I want to listen to at a particular time.

A recent Independent (UK) article lists out some of the reasons music might be helping people deal with our current pandemic and, well, everything else that is going on in the world right now.

They listed 6 reasons, and for you, any one of them, or more, might be valid. For me, there are a couple that are helpful, but this is the one that really hits home:

3. Music can help us process emotions – There’s good reason many of us find solace in music when we’re going through a break-up or tough transition, whether it’s back-to-back heartbreak songs that always make us cry, or a pumping power track that brings us back to life. Music can help us process and express our emotions – a good cry can be a very healthy thing!

Speaking, again, for myself, when I get frustrated with world events, work, or whatever might be irritating me beyond belief at the moment, a good bit of loud music can help me express that and just get it out of my system so that I can then continue on with my life. I find myself getting more and more irritable if I haven’t found a way to express the frustration that I may be feeling at any particular time until it eventually shows up in maybe ways I would rather it doesn’t. So, when I find myself getting more and more frustrated, out come the headphones, and a little punk rock, until I feel better.

And, really, there is a lot to be frustrated about in the world right now, let alone our individual lives. If some loud music helps me deal with that, so be it. So, let’s at least fill our lives with some music. It certainly can’t hurt.

What impact does music have on your own emotional well-being? Have you thought about the role it could play in self-care?

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