Reviews Elsewhere – Icarus Redeemed: A Schizoaffective Story

I spotted another book review over on PyschCentral for G. H. Francis’ book:

For those of us outside of that experience, it can be difficult to understand the lives of those dealing with bipolar disorder and schizophrenia. In Icarus Redeemed, G.H. Francis seeks to relate his encounters with what he calls “madness.” Diagnosed with bipolar disorder and in reality confronting a schizoaffective disorder combining aspects of schizophrenia and bipolar, Francis offers a unique insight not only into his own experiences of those disorders but into the mental health system and its institutional limitations.

Icarus Redeemed is a peculiar sort of text, combining memoir, technical references, and excerpts from the author’s fiction and poetry to create a raw, unapologetic whole. If, as a reader, you are looking for a straightforward tell-all, this is not the book for you. Rather, Francis attempts to engage our empathy in different ways and gives us an illustration of his experiences with his disorder through this piecemeal approach.

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