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Sharing – 5 Amazing Benefits of Blogging about Mental Health

Emma lists 5 reasons in the post linked below, and if you’re currently blogging about mental health, or considering it, you may be interested in it. I want to talk about her reason #2 for a moment though, self-reflection:

Self reflection is the skill or ability to introspect and think about yourself. Giving time to consider your thoughts, feelings and behaviour. All key components of your mental health.

I’ve had people refer to me as someone who is surprisingly self-aware. I don’t really think of myself that way, but what I do know is that reading and writing about mental health topics, as well as my own experience in therapy, provides me with constant reminders about the importance of mental health, and how that information either resonates with me, or doesn’t, and why.

I don’t think our current culture really encourages that kind of behavior. We are encouraged to be busy, productive, constantly hustling and then showing it off on social media. Self-reflection? Ha! No time for that.

But there should be time for that. Without knowing ourselves, how can we even start to care for our own mental health?

If you find yourself in that situation, maybe committing to writing about mental health can help by forcing you to spend more time thinking about mental health. You don’t have to share it with anyone, but if it can be the thing that gets you thinking, it might be worth trying.

Of course, if blogging isn’t your thing, I still recommend reading or doing something that forces you to think about your own mental health once in awhile. Ignoring it is not a good option.

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