Webcam Abuse Ring Arrests

That’s the report out of the UK, about a ring setup in the Phillipines, where acts of child abuse were being streamed via a webcam to paying customers all over the world.

It would be easy to simply declare technology the evil party here, after all if there was no internet, this wouldn’t have been possible, but the story also makes clear how it was the internet connections to this site that brought down not just one pedophile, but dozens around the world. Police found videos on one man’s computer and then put together the links to the webcam site and the other customers of the site. While it may feel like technology has brought child abusers out of the woodwork, I think that can be a good thing. As the story points out, it puts them out here where they can be spotted and identified through that same internet connection, rather than holed up off the grid somewhere.

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