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Sharing – The covid-19 pandemic has shocked the mental-health system out of complacency

And it’s about time. I think Jason’s opinion piece is interesting because the pandemic did create a sudden change, and an emergency situaton, so much so that insurance companies and mental health professionals have had to fly by the seat of their pants a bit.

“A fundamental change is happening, and we should never turn back. Not only have states and private insurance companies dropped burdensome rules that blocked “teletherapy,” but mental-health professionals are experimenting with new ways of caring for their patients, with exciting and gratifying results.”

Flying by the seat of your pants can be a problem, but it also opens up real-life tests of treatment options that we have only been talking about, not experimenting with in large studies. This, suddenly, is a huge clinical study, and I think what we are seeing is that some people, for a variety of reasons that I’ve talked about before, seem to respond better to different types of treatments, or simple can access treatment online that they couldn’t access before.

We should not go back, too many people were getting left behind in that system, we need to keep trying new things, and getting mental health assistance out to everyone. I’m hopeful that some of the stuff in the article below can make a drastic improvement over what we’ve done before.

That has been needed for too long.

Has getting mental health treatment changed for you? Please share what has worked, and what maybe hasn’t.

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