Reading – Ottawa psych student’s app to help ‘thousands’ with anxiety, depression

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“Then, frustrated by a lack of accessible services for depression and anxiety patients and spurred by years’ worth of existing research in web-based education in cognitive behavioural therapy, Perron started working on an app called TruReach Health — now set for release on Apple and Android devices on Sept. 9 — which gives patients a way to take on-the-spot psychotherapy lessons wherever they are.

Perron said the app probably won’t be right for everyone, but he said it will offer some immediate help between professional appointments, or an extra lifeline for people who can’t properly access or afford full treatment.

“This isn’t a replacement for therapy or medication, but it’s a new option that you have,” Perron said. “It’s to give people something where there’s nothing.””

Sounds like an interesting idea, and one that could, potentially be useful as an additional way to check in with ourselves and our emotional health the same way we check Facebook or Twitter. I’ll be interested to hear how it gets used and whether people find it useful once it’s released next week.

Ottawa psych student’s app to help ‘thousands’ with anxiety, depression | Ottawa Citizen

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