Link – The Most Unrealistic Expectation of Them All

This post isn’t necessarily about abuse survivors, but I think it applies. Healing from abuse is similar, there are good days and then there are not so good days. Both are OK.

We bombard ourselves with a litany of questions: Why the heck am I sooo tired? What’s wrong with me? Why does this always happen when I have so much to do? Why is this taking forever? Why can’t I be as productive as so and so? Why must I be anxious about the dumbest things?

I think the second step is to gently remind yourself of the truth. If it helps, keep your reminders visible, like on your computer. Keep them in your journal or phone. Remind yourself that you are different every day; that’s how nature works, that’s how you work, too. You can’t be exactly the same day in and day out. Because you are not a machine. You are not a robot.

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